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From the spa to the sun


Why stay at home when you can soak up the sun while indulging in a little spa session? In fact, 70% of jaccuzi buyers decide to install it outside their home for reasons that no one complains about. Just a great atmosphere Having a spa in the garden can provide you with a beautiful holiday atmosphere. You will escape more easily and it will be even more beneficial against stress. In addition, it will serve as a swimming pool during parties with family or friends, being of course careful not to stay there too long. All models of jaccuzi can be installed outdoors, whether wood or stone, built-in or portable, as long as the installation conditions are met. In other words, the terrain must be able to support the weight of the spa and be very stable. You can then enjoy a good breath of fresh air and the sun at the back of your garden. Some security measures Installing your jaccuzi in the garden means that it will be more exposed to the constraints of the outdoors. First there will be the constraints of the climate, such as rain or snow. In this case, consider building a small enclosure to protect your spa. This way, you can also enjoy the latter even in winter, because you will be warm, and open the shelter when summer returns. The jaccuzi will also be more exposed to dust, leaves, in short everything that the wind can take with it. The hot tub cover will then be very useful. As soon as you are finished using your jaccuzi, cover it so that the water does not get dirty too quickly. But you will still need to change the water a little more often. With the outdoor jaccuzi, therefore, your garden will be your favorite space, day and night, in winter as in summer.

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