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The Spa institute or the awakening of the five senses

More and more individuals have a home spa. In order to stand out, the Spa institutes play the card of total experience and the 5 senses. Decryption!

In order to make their clients feel a maximum of well-being, the Spas also conceptualize their space to make it multi-sensory. Everything is done so that the spa client loses all his daily landmarks and lives an exotic experience within the Spa. The principle is to appeal to the maximum of the 5 senses of the human being: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.


Touch is the sense most naturally called upon during a spa session. The combination of massage and hot water has multiple relaxing and invigorating properties.


The layout and decoration of Spas are more and more designer. The lights are subdued, the colors and materials are harmonious and sophisticated, the atmosphere is cozy. The pleasure of the eyes has a lot to do with the feeling of well-being and escape that can be felt as soon as we arrive in a spa.


As we know, music exerts a power over Man, calling on the archaic functions of the mind: the center of emotions. There are sounds and music that have a real relaxing power, reducing our intellectual activity to immerse us in sensations of regenerative sound baths. This is the sensation sought in Spas where our ears are subtly lulled by zen music, soft and relaxing.

The smell

Thanks to aromatherapy, natural essences are diffused and perfume the space. A real olfactory pleasure!
Aromatherapy uses scent memories to act on our health and well-being. Essential oils stimulate the nervous system and initiate a self-regulatory order in our body.

Among the soothing and relaxing essential oils, there is for example the essential oil of lavender, sweet orange, chamomile, marjoram ...
There are a multitude of scents to make our moment of well-being more pleasant.

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