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Troubleshooting for a 2-person spa

Large or small, a spa requires regular maintenance and is well done like any equipment. In addition, the longevity of your bubble bath will depend on its maintenance. However, even with the right actions on a daily basis, the unexpected is never lacking. Today we're going to focus on two-person spas. These types of hot tubs are small in size, but can sometimes create damage to owners. Luckily, spa troubleshooting pros for 2 exist to make your job easier.

Leakage, the most frequent problem

A leaky spa is a common concern of spa owners. As a first step, if you want to fix the loss problem yourself, here are some good instructions to know. Fill your spa as usual to detect the leak. Once found, mark the spot with a pen or marker, as visible as possible. Next, to measure the degree of the leak, leave your spa in rest mode for at least 24 hours and then be sure to mark the water level. You will find out later whether the amount of water lost is significant or not. In this way it could be deduced that the leak is caused by the pressure at the operation of the machine or a simple leak from a vessel. In both cases, the repair must be done by a professional, although the cracks visible on the outside can be sealed with products suitable for this purpose.

Jets that work abnormally

After a few uses, the jets start to stop working. Sometimes, after a complaint, it is often the control unit that needs to be changed. However, be aware that in a spa, some jets are fixed while others can be removed. For these, just turn counterclockwise to remove them. However, you have to be very careful because they are quite fragile. The malfunctions of the jets can be caused by deposits blocking the inlet, for this soak them in a solution of hot water and vinegar for about 48 hours, then brush them with a special brush: the soft bristle brush. The proportion of the solution is half and half, but if this little trick turns out to be unsuccessful, hiring a technician is always a good idea.

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