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Where to buy tools for your spa ?

Find small hot tubs for sale on Tropicspa and all your spa equipment! You will find here all our range of tools allowing you to intervene easily on the various organs of your spa.

The main accessories improving the functionality

Your spa can have different accessories. Some are essential to improve the comfort of your spa, others are practical and facilitate the use. Depending on the spa models you can have :

  • an isothermal blanket or tarpaulin for inflatable spa models, essential to reduce the electricity bill

  • pillows to truly relax and preserve your neck

  • a handrail to get in and out more easily in the spa

  • access steps to avoid dangerous strides

  • shelves to put a glass, or two

Essential spa accessories for everyday life

While your spa is already well equipped, this does not prevent you from adding other essential accessories for a complete well-being. These are the cleaning products for your relaxation to go well. To do this, you must have disinfectants by choosing the most effective products, and especially the most suitable for your skin. The pH in the water changes constantly, which requires correction after a while. This eliminates algae and ensures good water quality. Once our skin contains fat after massages or other, which requires sponges and degreasers. On the other hand, we must equip ourselves with other spa accessories such as a dip net, vacuum cleaner, a brush to clean the filters, an insulating blanket to keep the temperature of the water and reduce the energy consumption. In winter, insulating foam strips are essential to better protect the pipes and pipes. You can also buy a storage bin and protective covers for your outdoor whirlpools.

So, Tropicspa are the best in the market. Whether you are looking for a spa or a spa accessory, they guarantee that it's really them that you must choose.

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