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The perfect jacuzzi spa for your home

Tired of moving to wellness institutes to enjoy an hour or two of the spa? Discover the different spas that exist today that you can install at home to enjoy moments of relaxation as you see fit! You'll find out more about how to choose your ideal jacuzzi spa for your setting and your means.

Portable hot tub

A small space and a desire to enjoy a moment of relaxation at home after a day of stress and in a friendly atmosphere? Here is the solution! The "portable spa" is one of the most used spas in the French for its simplicity and its mode of use. This wellness equipment is easy to install and move both inside and outside your home.

Inflatable spa

Spa desires according to moods and periods? Unlike the "portable spa", the "inflatable spa", hence the name suggests inflates and deflates quickly. The virtues of it appear on the physical level: the elimination of toxins from your body, the relaxation of your muscles and the improvement of your breathing. Like all spas, this one is recommended for people with asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and other respiratory problems.

Swimming Spa

Combining spa and sport ... is it possible ! Enjoy a moment of relaxation and sports in heated water with a subdued atmosphere are the specificities of the "swimming spa". No need to rush to the gym after a day of work! The counter-current swimming device now allows you to exercise your home sport in privacy, alone or with others, indoors and outdoors and especially ... In summer as in winter! In addition, relax the muscles, tone the body and improve blood circulation are the benefits of balneotherapy that offers you this "swim spa".

So, these different types of spas might be right for you and this will help you make the best choice for you, your budget and your lifestyle.

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