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What is stoping you from having your own spa?

You dream of a spa in your house, but there are in you some brakes to the realization of this wish. What is stopping you ? You ask yourself the question of its price and constraints related to its installation ... We answer here all your questions.

Buy a used spa: a good solution to save

The most important brake on buying a spa is often its price. While some discount models are more affordable, they are still inaccessible to some budgets. Contrary to what one might think, it is possible to buy a second-hand spa. You can find here cheap and used hot tubs for sale.

Installing a spa at home, but, where and how?

The question of his installation taps you. You are not wrong. A portable spa, bought on the internet, via an online store is usually delivered in a kit. And it takes a few notions of do-it-yourself to mount it yourself. If you are afraid, you can call the store's technical department. For example, at Tropicspa, our technicians can set up your spa at home, for a few hundred euros (for travel and delivering). As a reminder, the work requires on a flat and raised surface, generally involving the laying of a cement slab.
Concerning constraints related to the location of the spa. Two options are possible: indoors, or outdoors.
To install a spa outdoors, consider the climatic conditions. Prefer a space sheltered from the wind, because the objective remains to be able to enjoy its spa with a minimum of comfort.
For a relaxing spa project, and cocooning, opt for an indoor installation. In this configuration, the technical constraints mentioned above are more difficult to manage. For example, the floor of the selected room must have the capacity to support the weight of the equipment (several hundred kilos).

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